Our Company

After more than 35 years of business performance, we highlight a principle that has been the basis of our philosophy: the commitment to "serve".

Our growth took place over a whole period where permanent economic changes, coupled with inflation as the most significant and distorting parameter of our business, we raised the challenge of building a capable "dynamic" organization to face the above processes and with the ever clear objective to identify, win and satisfy customers. The turn of these goals actually depended primarily on the motivation and ability of our "people" absolutely committed to the destiny of the company, prioritizing respect and disciplined work. It is important to understand that today the country is going through a new period of changes and seeks ways that conduct on a democratic environment the market economy, the backwardness overcoming and inefficiency, competition and principally a new approach to professionalism in an ethical and moral context. Taking risks, creating, acting, growing are our guidelines. Aware of our responsibilities, such appeals as well as the purpose of serving, have stimulated and encouraged each of our projects and achievements. To the extent that we are effective, our customers, suppliers and partners can be calm and confident that PEDRO PODESTA SA will remain fit to meet their legitimate aspirations and needs.